About Love Your DSLR

Love Your DSLR is a site for people who simply want to take better pictures with their camera. You may want to get better at photographing your kids, your DIY projects, your delicious creations for your food blog, or even just pictures of your pet (my miniature dachshund is my most photographed subject!). Whatever your reason, this is the place to learn about your camera, to learn how to master it (instead of it frustrating you) and to learn to create beautiful images!

How Love Your DSLR Began

It all started Christmas 2012 when my cousin (Hey, Amanda!!) and I were talking about her camera and some of the frustrations she had with it. She would explain different scenarios that would yield less than desirable results, and ask how she could get better pictures in those situations. As we were sitting on the couch chatting, I realized there were probably hundreds of other people out there having some of the same frustrations. In fact, I’ve been asked numerous times for help on how to take better pictures from people who have bought “fancy cameras” and then became frustrated because they don’t know a single thing about how to use it. So I set out, determined to help people learn easy ways to get better pictures from the cameras they spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars on.

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About Rachel

I could tell you all about how I’ve had a camera in my hand since I can remember and that I started shooting professionally in May of 2010. But I’d rather tell you that I have a wonderful husband who is often too smart for his own good, that I’m a coastal soul in a landlocked family, and that I have the most adorable four-legged fur child on the face of the earth (Dixie, a miniature dachshund)! I’d also rather tell you that I have a heart for teaching (I almost became a high school math teacher!) and I absolutely love how rewarding it is when everything finally clicks for someone!

About Our Logo

The Love Your DSLR logo was created by the ever talented Amy Groteluschen. Amy is a newborn photographer in Iowa, who also sells Photoshop and Lightroom presets/actions and custom logos. Amy is also an occasional contributor to the Love Your DSLR website.