How to Get Better Color in Your Images

I completely put off editing this video for months. I am so awkward in front of the camera!

Anyway, white balance (the color of your image) is a tough part of photography to learn and perfect but I think any pro photographer would agree that it’s one of the most important! The easiest way to get nearly perfect white balance is to GET IT RIGHT IN CAMERA. And the only way to get it right in camera is to say no to auto white balance! This video explains the different ways you can adjust your white balance in camera and get images with better color and spend less time (and frustration) editing your photos on the computer.

A few things to note:

– Seriously. I am SO AWKWARD. Please don’t judge :)
– The video is way blown out at times. Whatev :)
– Please forgive some of the sound issues. This is my first outdoor tutorial and of course I don’t have any fancy video/sound equipment. You might have to adjust the volume at one point where it gets a bit quiet. Sorry! (I’m currently looking into some mic setups!)
– Pro photographers: this isn’t overly technical. There are probably much better ways to explain the technical aspect, but this is more of a practical tutorial ;)
– When using the ExpoDisc, set your camera to Custom WB before you take the picture with the ExpoDisc on your lens. You’ll still have to go in and select that image in the Custom WB menu, but I’m not sure that the ExpoDisc will work properly if your camera is set to Auto WB. (I’m going to look into this!)

Let me know in the comments if you have any questions regarding the video and I’ll do my best to answer them!

PS – Thanks to my BFF Catie for filming this and my sister Abby for modeling! Love you girls! XOXO

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