My First Year of Shooting

Before I had even bought a DSLR camera, I spent an incredible amount of time online reading blogs by photographers to learn anything and everything I could about photography. Like, a ridiculous amount. And then I got my camera, and I didn’t really know what to do with it! I didn’t have a child to photograph. I did have a dog, and some friends. So I started with my roommates. And then after my first few times with it, I started shooting EVERYTHING. I had heard multiple photographers say “go out and shoot every single day.” And while I didn’t quite do that, I certainly tried. I bribed my friends to get in front of my camera (even though I had no clue what I was doing). I photographed nature. I photographed the sky. I photographed animals. People. Lots of totally random stuff just to get a feel for things. I bought a tripod and tried some long exposure stuff. I simply experimented every possibly way that I could. And I realized the kinds of things I liked to photograph, the things I sucked at photographing, and the things I was good at photographing.

Here are some photos from 2010 – my very first year of shooting!

My roommate’s brother, February 2010.

A friend from work, March 2010.

My boyfriend’s roommate, April 2010.

A baby, April 2010. #scary

Some friends from my dorm, April 2010. (tilted… don’t do this!)

My boss’s daughter, April 2010.

The UNL rodeo, April 2010.

An event for my boyfriend’s fraternity, April 2010.

My friend’s dog, April 2010.

Long exposures, May 2010.

Some of my jewelry, June 2010. (I used work lights from Home Depot for a mini studio since I couldn’t afford a flash!)

Lightning, June 2010.

Painting with light, July 2010.

Butterflies, August 2010.

A trip to the lake, August 2010.

Nature, September 2010.

A frog, October 2010.

Snow at night, November 2010.

More long exposures, November 2010.


So what kind of photography are you experimenting with? I feel like you can’t ever truly know what your favorite thing to shoot is until you’ve done a little bit of everything. I’m  confident that I could photograph all of this thing better than I did back then, but shooting all of this taught me random things about my camera that I didn’t know existed. And the more you know about your camera, the more you are prepared to handle anything that comes your way!

So please, share some of your recent stuff here in the comments (links) or on the Love Your DSLR facebook page wall! I want to see what you’re all up to! :)

PS – you can check out my early work on my old photography blog!

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