Basic Editing in Photoshop and Lightroom | Video

In this video:

– Basic Editing in Adobe Camera Raw (white balance, recovery/highlights, blacks, contrast, vibrance, saturation)
– How to Fade Shadows (film-look)
– Correcting Tilted Images
– Vignettes in Adobe Camera Raw
– Basic Editing in Lightroom with a focus on White Balance (temp & tint)
– Hue, Saturation, Luminance

A few notes:

– I have Photoshop CS5 – I’ve been told that the newer version of Camera Raw has sliders like Lightroom 4 & 5. Apparently I just haven’t updated ACR ;)
– The main difference between vibrance and saturation is that vibrance doesn’t bring up the saturation of the oranges/reds very much, hence why vibrance doesn’t affect skin tones very much.

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