Find Your Camera Settings in Photoshop

This is a little trick that few people know about, but can be VERY useful when you’re learning or trying to improve your photography. Did you know that your camera embeds a ton of information into each image that you take? It’s true! This includes the standard exposure settings, but can also include what lens was used, the time of day, and sometimes (depending on your camera model) can include your GPS location! Crazy, right? This information is called EXIF data. But how do we view it?


In Photoshop, it’s super easy to find your EXIF data. Open your image, click “File,” and then click “File Info” (which is toward the bottom).

The dialog box that pops up will tell you all sorts of information about the picture: camera make and model, date and time, shutter speed, aperture, ISO, focal length, whether a flash went off, resolution, etc.

Finder – Mac OSX

You can also view some of the EXIF data in Finder. Just right click on the image and click “Get Info.”

Why is this Important?

I use this feature a lot when an image doesn’t turn out how I wanted it to. Maybe it turned out blurry because my shutter speed was too slow, the focus was off because my aperture was too wide, or there was too much grain because my ISO was too high. I study the image, find out what I did wrong, and learn from it for next time. I’ve learned a lot by studying my own images and challenging myself to do better in the future.

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