Documenting Life: An Interview with Mom Photographer, Amy

My friend Amy is a crazy good photographer. She documents her world in such a way that every time she posts and image, I’m captivated and blown away at the same time. I thought Amy would be a great person for the first interview on this site because so many people, including myself, long to be able to see the world like she does.

Rachel: When did you first buy your first DSLR?
Amy: 2007

Rachel: What was it?
Amy: Sony a350

Rachel: Why did you buy it?
Amy: I also had a Canon point and shoot that I loved taking pictures with, but I knew the quality wasn’t cutting it. I had dreams of becoming a real photographer someday :)

Rachel: Did you know how to use it when you first got it? Tell us how you used it.
Amy: I knew some of the basic stuff from taking a film photography class in high school. I played around with the different modes, but I definitely didn’t totally understand it. I’m sure I didn’t read the manual. I ended up taking an intro to photography class at the local community college in 2009… That helped a little, but my love for photography was finally ignited when I had my son, Dane in 2010.

Rachel: How did you start learning and improving your photography?
Amy: I followed blogs and really great photographers! Not just people who were *okay* but photographers who truly inspired me. I joined a forum with lots of other amateur mommy photographers, and that’s where I learned the most. Don’t be afraid to ask your peers for constructive criticism. It might sting a little, but it’s the fastest way to improve!

Rachel: What are you shooting with now?
Amy: Canon 5d Mark ii, 50mm 1.2L, 100mm 2.8L, 28mm 1.8

Rachel: What is your favorite image to date that you’ve created?
Amy: I love this photo of Dane sitting in the woods with the flowers. He’s so pensive, and the way he delicately holds the flower petals melts my heart.

Rachel: How exactly do you get such wonderful images from a child that is playing non-stop? Do you “style” the shots at all?
Amy: Haha sometimes I do try to set it up! But of course he’s two, so that usually pretty much goes out the window. It’s the shots I take of him being himself that are my favorite… And then sometimes I lie and say that Santa’s inside the camera.

Rachel: How are you always ready for the opportune moment?
Amy: I wish that I was *always* ready, but there are times when I kick myself for missing an opportunity. One thing I do is carry a smaller camera everywhere in my purse (my Fuji x100s). It’s not a DSLR, but the quality is fantastic and it works perfectly for those lifestyle moments.

Rachel: What the biggest tip you have for someone who wants to improve the photos they’re creating?
Amy: Like I said, ask for constructive criticism whenever you can. Other people may see things that you don’t see. We tend to put our mommy goggles on sometimes when it comes to our own images :)

I asked Amy to send over some of her favorite images, and I’m so glad I did. Check them out:

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